Excursion report

On April 19, 2015, Chinese and international students from the Department of International Relations went on a field trip to PingGu district and the Great Valley of Jingdong, located in the Northeast of Beijing. This trip was an opportunity for the students to visit a small village specialized in growing peach blossom trees. Students took their time to walk around and take some pictures and selfies next to the trees. After that, time had come to move on and go to a restaurant that provided delicious Chinese dishes. The dishes were so good that we did not really want to leave that place! In the afternoon, the group went to the Great Valley of Jingdong to climb hills and admire the stunning sceneries of the beautiful nature of the spot. Once back to Tsinghua, students were tired but happy to have spent a day out of Beijing, in the countryside of the capital. We look forward to the next Department of International Relations’s field trip!