• Posted:2010-02-07
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The Institute cherishes a strong academic tradition of integrating theory and practice: on the one hand it actively engages in macro-level research in theory and national strategic planning and reform in education; on the other hand, it also serves as a think tank to reform Tsinghua’s teaching and learning practices through grassroots institutional research.

For over 30 years, the Institute has fulfilled a range of national and ministerial key research projects. Our research expertise encompasses engineering education, first-class university development, academic qualification and graduate education, university evaluation and assessment, teaching-learning and curriculum, and institutional research. We have won multiple national and provincial/ministerial awards for outstanding research works. The Institute also serves as an advisory body on educational policy-making to the central government and provincial/municipal government. In recent years, we have produced a wide range of academic publications, reports, textbooks and learning materials. For example, Inheritance and Development, Persistence and Transcendences, Reform and Innovation, A Structural Analysis of the Process of Higher Education Massification in China, Development Education,The Research on Training Scientific and Technological Talents, Engineering Education and Industrial Competitiveness, General Education: An Educational Perspective, Higher Education and Labor Market, The Comparative Analysis on Social Functions of University. In addition, the Institute has translated a series of books, with the most popular titles as Researches in the World-class Universities and the OECD Educational Policy Analysis series. A series of innovative practices have won national and municipal awards.

Additionally, significant progress has been made in the research, design and development of E-learning environment. For instance, a series of educational software titled as “THEOL” has acquired 39 software patents. As one of the most popular software of “THEOL”, the Integrated E-learning system, which supports multiple teaching & learning approaches and activities, has been commonly used by 3 million instructors and students in over two hundred universities across China. Serving the domestic alternative to foreign product, it has become the most popular E-learning system in China.