The Institute of Education at Tsinghua University was established in October 1979, originally under the name of Office of Educational Research. It then expanded into a research-based institute in 1985. The Institute of Educational Technology at Tsinghua University was founded after the Master program in Educational Technology was entitled in 1998 by the  Ministry of Education. In March 2009, the two institutes merged into a new institute and obtained the formal title of Institute of Educationunder the approval of Tsinghua Academic Affairs Committee and Tsinghua University Council. The new Institute embraces the duel mission of graduate education and research, as a response to the need for promoting higher education development and academic research in the new era.

The institute has four academic sections including Higher Education, Education Administration and Policy Studies, Educational Technology, and Primary and Secondary Education Research. It also runs an academic journal Tsinghua Journal of Education. The Institute comprises 25 faculty members, including 7 professors, 9 associate professors, and 7 lecturers, several guest research fellows and contract-based staff. 18 faculties have doctoral degrees.

The Institute offers two academic doctoral programs: Ph.D in Higher Education, and Ph.D in Economics and Administration of Education. A new program of Professional Doctorate in Education (Ed. D) will begin in 2010. The Institute also offers three master’s degree programs in Higher Education, in Economics and Administration of Education, and in Educational Technology.  

The Institute has served as the secretariat for both Tsinghua Association of Educational Research (established in 1986) and Tsinghua Association of Higher Education (established in 2004). They are non-governmental academic organizations with over 200 associated members. Seeking to combine theoretical explorations and practical research, these organizations greatly promote academic research and scholarship among its membership.

The Institute has been playing an active role in building Tsinghua into a world-class universityand in developing education and scientific research in China.