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Big Data Scholarship Program Launched at Tsinghua University to Promote Construction of Big Data Scientific Research Think Tanks

Donation Ceremony of 3GOLDEN Big Data Fund was held at Tsinghua University on 10 March 2017 and the 3GOLDEN Big Data Scholarship Programme was also officially launched. This is another joint effort between GOLDEN Beijing Technologies Co., Ltd. (3GOLDEN) and Tsinghua University, following the official launch of Tsinghua - 3GOLDEN Joint Research Center for Financial Big Data last November.

Present at the Ceremony were representatives from Tsinghua University and 3GOLDEN, including Zhao Jinsong, Deputy Secretary General of Tsinghua University Education Foundation, Liu Taoxiong, Secretary of the Party Committee at the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, Li Ying, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee at the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University, Tang Ke, Deputy Director of the Tsinghua Institute of Economics, Wang Yong, Deputy Director of the Tsinghua Institute of Economics, Rong Ke, Associate Professor of Tsinghua Institute of Economics, Zhang Xiaojin, Dean of the Department of Political Science of Tsinghua University, Fan Xiaoxin, Vice President of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and President of 3GOLDEN, Zhu Zhiwei, Chief Scientist and Senior Vice President of 3GOLDEN, as well as Ai, Xiaobin, Executive Vice President of 3GOLDEN.

On behalf of Tsinghua University and the School of Social Sciences, Li Ying expressed gratitude to 3GOLDEN and voiced her support for deep bilateral cooperation by means of using resources to advantage. She commented that computational social science has a high priority in the School’s implementation of the national 13th Five-Year Plan and search for golden opportunities of development. The establishment of the 3GOLDEN Big Data Fund plays a critical role in development of talents, scientific progress made by faculty members and the advancement of computational social science at Tsinghua University. She is looking forward to more joint efforts to promote sustainable development of computational social science.

Fan Xiaoxin, President of 3GOLDEN, was grateful to his Alma Mater for its long-term support to 3GOLDEN. He pointed out that the Big Data is moving from an abstract idea to widespread applications, sweeping across the nation from West China to East China. As an alumni enterprise, 3GOLDEN makes an effort to pay back to Tsinghua University, wishes to integrate its abundant hands-on experience in the application of Big Data with the University’s cutting-edge scientific researches to propel the growth of the whole industry of Big Data.

In the context of Big Data and China’s “New Normal” economy, data are gradually regarded as essential strategic resources, giving strong momentum to the transformation and development of economic entities and the creating competitive advantages. However, the prosperity of Big Data is also posing a serious need of advanced theories and training of professional talents. Following the launch of Tsinghua University Big Data Fund, 3GOLDEN promptly set up its Big Data Scholarship to support the development of more talents. For each academic year, Tsinghua students who achieve outstanding performance in Big Data theoretical and applied research will be awarded a Scholarship.

As cooperation deepens, both 3GOLDEN and Tsinghua university are going to establish a postdoctoral workstation at 3GOLDEN and join hands to organize academic activities, including Cybereconomy and Big Data International Baccalaureate Seminar and Big Data social science workshops. Both sides consider the cooperation a catalyst, giving an impetus to the cultivation of more innovative talents committed to the high-end application of Big Data, and also a new cooperative model between universities and enterprises, offering interdisciplinary solutions to the problems of insufficient research on the industry of Big Data and the shortage of talents in China.

At the Ceremony, representatives also exchanged their ideas on a number of issues including exploiting Big Data using time series forecasting, Big Data and social governance, Internet financial supervision and new ecologies of enterprises.