Invitation to Tsinghua University English Immersion Summer Camp

The Tsinghua University English Summer Camp welcomes you to join us from June 27th until July 15th, 2011. 

Approximately 3200 students will be involved in the camp on Tsinghua Campus which is located at Northwest of

Beijing next to the Fourth Ring Road. The goal is to increase interest and enthusiasm in learning English as well

as to improve basic skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

As a leading institution of education in China, Tsinghua University provides very good opportunities for our

students who come from all over China and passed the very strict national entrance examination to enter Tsinghua.

The Camp will be an intensive English language experience for all participants. Each day will be devoted to a

variety of activities, formal classroom instruction, lectures and various activities including seminars, singing,

dancing, and playing games etc.

We are now inviting native or near native English speakers to join us as short time teachers and volunteers.

Faculty members and students from our partner universities are warmly welcomed to participate.

During the three weeks, the English teachers will be provided free accommodation (from June 22nd to July 16th,

2011) plus a stipend of 13,000 RMB Yuan (approximately $2,000 USD) per person. Volunteers will be provided free

accommodation (from June 22nd to July 16th, 2011) plus a stipend of 3,000 RMB Yuan (approximately $450 USD) per

person. Both teachers and volunteers are required to arrive in Beijing on June 22nd or 23rd, and transportation

between Beijing Airport and the campus will be provided.

The foreign teachers in this program should have at least a bachelor’s degree and will be expected to work with a

Chinese coordinator, some foreign volunteers, and some Tsinghua student volunteers in a team effort to provide

direct instructions in the activities.  Each team will be working with approximately 100 of the most talented and

highly motivated students from all over China. Your experiences working with these outstanding students will be the

highlight of your time in China. As a foreign visitor, you will have an opportunity to know this country in a very

unique, interesting and exciting way.

There will be two days of orientation and team coordination prior to the camp (June 24th and 25th). Faculty members

of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures will provide materials and expertise as well as supervision

and assistance during the three weeks of camp.

Weather conditions in Beijing in July are warm and humid with temperatures in the 90s (33°C) and a good chance of

showers. On your off days there will be opportunities to visit the Great Wall, which is located only an hour’s

drive from Tsinghua, as well as many other sites of Beijing.




If you are interested in coming to China for a short visit during the summer vacation, please take the chance and

we will warmly welcome you here in Beijing.


Contact us:

Ms. Liu Nannan



Please note the deadline for application will be:

English Teachers: before March 1st, 2011

Volunteers: before April 1st, 2011


Application form for English Teachers

Application form for Volunteers