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Global Environmental Program (GEP) student Arrive at Michigan University to Attend Tsinghua University- University of Michigan grad program

On August 28th, GEP student Fandi Shen, along with another two students from Tsinghua University, arrived at University of Michigan to attend Tsinghua University-Michigan grad program.

In an effort to tackle environmental challenges and create a sustainable world, Tsinghua University's School of Environment and the School for Environment and Sustainability of University of Michigan have established a new program to cultivate talents for global environment issues.

The program director in Tsinghua, Prof. Yanchen Liu delivered a lot of advice to the students on the courses and the safety issues abroad."I am very excited about this unique program. It's first of its kind at U-M," said Ming Xu, the program lead and associate professor of environment and sustainability and of civil and environmental engineering. "I see it as the first step of a much broader, long-term collaboration between U-M and Tsinghua on research and education in environment and sustainability."

"It is very exciting to be a part of this highly selective and inspiring program," said Fandi Shen, the student from Tsinghua GEP.

The Accelerated Master's Degree Program starts this fall, with top undergraduates in Tsinghua coming to U-M after three years of study in China. Program participants will complete two or three years of graduate study at SEAS. Students will receive a bachelor's degree from Tsinghua and a master's degree from U-M — either a Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability in five years or a Master of Landscape Architecture in six years.