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Professor Nakamura Tamio from Waseda University deliver the course of "An Introduction to International Environmental Law" for GEP students

From August 28th to September 1st, Prof. Nakamura Tamio from Waseda University taught the course of An Introduction to International Environmental Law on invitation. Fifteen students from GEP attended the course. Prof.LI Jinhui supported a lot to this course.

During this 5-day intensive course, Prof. Tamio introduced the main content of 5 different aspects of international environmental law, including history, source, and principles of law, law making and implementation. Relating international environmental law with other international laws, such as international trade and national sovereignty in the meantime, he expounded the connotation of international environmental law and its relationship with other international law in a comprehensive and systematical manner.

Under the leadership of Prof. Tamio, students were able to understand the practical application and disadvantages of international environmental law by analyzing typical environmental cases in class, including water pollution, Tran boundary air pollution and fishing in the high seas. Prof. Tamio adopted an interactive teaching mode, making use of various activities such as class discussion, group discussion, data research and presentation in order to promote the participation of students. Students were encouraged to think actively and try to use what they have learned to solve practical problems, in which process they gained a deeper understanding of the abstract concept of international environmental law. Finally, students were required to write an essay on the Paris Agreement based on the analysis in class, which was set as a final assignment of the course.

Outside class, students were actively involved in discussion with Prof. Tamio on environmental issues as well as introduction to professor about environmental cases and legal provision in China, spreading Chinese traditional culture and enhancing their ability in international communication in the meantime. Moreover, students benefited a lot from Prof. Tamio‘s sharing his views on the recent international situation and the prospects of international environmental issues.

This course advances GEP students’ comprehension on the source, principles and status of international environmental law from a legal perspective. Through a review of international environmental law, students are offered a new perspective as well as a more comprehensive understanding of environmental conventions, environmental diplomacy, environmental management, etc.