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Vice President YANG Bin attended the Global Environmental Program GEP 2013 Graduate Symposium

June 19, 2017, School of Environment, Tsinghua University (Reported by Zhao Qian).

On June 19, Tsinghua University Global Environmental Program GEP 2013 Graduate Symposium was held in the Conference Room 205, School of Environment. Vice President of Tsinghua University, Yang Bin, attended the symposium, listened to the report of the Global Environment Program, discussed and put forward his valuable opinions.


First of all, the Responsible Professor Yu Gang reported on the work of Global Environment Program to Yang Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University. GEP2013’s monitor Zhang Dazhen shared some of the international class sentiment and encountered problems, he proposed in addition to the GEP activities, the regular construction in the group should also reflect the characteristics of Global Environment Program. Meanwhile as the overseas exchange period of GEP is relatively longer, some student activities would have an impact. For example, the group evaluation and some sports activities, GEP students used a remote video reply and so on. Zhu Qinhan reflected on the curriculum that GEP students are confident in their future due to their comprehensive vision and interdisciplinary basis, they hope to have a corresponding master programas the stage of convergence, so that students’ body of knowledge would be more complete. Du Zhen as the new GEP assistant, talked about learning and work to facilitate the convergence, sharing the experience of the internship and the reason of choosingto pursue a doctorate. Miao Yufei shared on the long-term exchange experience, the Venice International University exchange platform is very suitable for GEP students, to cooperate with students with different backgrounds. Shu Yanbo share the internship experience of international organizations and the way of how international organizations cultivate thinking; Huang Si-cheng is the first GEP student from Hong Kong, also the President of RISE, she put forward her recommendation for GEPby sharing two personal stories. She chose to fully understand the environmental problems in poor areas, and then pursued her further studies, to become a global environmentalist with social responsibilities.


Vice President Yang has fully affirmed the work of the Global Environment Program and has considered that concept and implementation of this project have been six years ahead of other projects at the school level. The delivery of talent to the United Nations and international organizations is one of the key elements of current talent training. The curriculum of Global Environment Program is also very advanced, well organized and effective. Through the discussion with the students, he was satisfied with the results, and hope everyone can be more outstanding in the future. At the same time, it is recommended that the scale of the project can be expanded and that it is necessary to link up the graduate program. It is possible to consider joining overseas elite schools and the establishment of a joint master's degree program. Finally, President Yang put forward his ardent expectations for the Global Environment Program to go higher and farther.


Also attending this symposium were Liu Yi, Party Secretary of the School of Environment, Vice Dean Wu Ye, Yue Dongbei, Deputy Secretary Xi Jinying, Chief Professor Yu Gang, and Lu Xi, Project Director and 18 GEP2013 Students. Wu Ye presided over the meeting.