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GEP Top Talk with Swedish Ambassador Ms. Anna Lindstedt

Tsinghua University School of Environment, May 18, 2017 (Gao Zhihua). On the afternoon of May 17th, Swedish Ambassador to China, Ms. Anna Lindstedt, was invited to the GEP Top Talk, sharing her work experience as the chief negotiator of the international climate change negotiations, and briefing the world on climate change attitude and action. GEP director Professor Lu Xi participated in this interview.

She has served as the Swedish climate change ambassador and as Sweden's chief negotiator to participate in international climate change negotiations, she has unique insights on climate change issues, and has rich experience in environmental diplomacy. She first conducted a keynote speech on the history and progress of international climate change negotiations, and she argued that climate change responses had become increasingly urgent and that countries should take the appropriate responsibility and act accordingly.
The last climate change conference before the Paris Climate Change Conference was the Lima Climate Conference in Lima, Peru, which was the 20th meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). At the Lima Climate Conference, the National Self-Contribution Targeting Mechanism was identified, making it possible for countries that had never participated in action at the international level. The Ambassador noted that the mechanism laid the foundation for the Paris Agreement to involve all stakeholders in action to address climate change. She also mentioned that with the rapid development of China's economy, China's leadership role in international climate change negotiations will continue and will continue to grow.

"What is China's current role in international climate change negotiations and how will it evolve in the future?"  GEP student asked during the interaction session. The Ambassador replied that China would become a global leader and a great contributor as a financer. China will continue to contribute to the refinement of the rules.GEP student also raised questions from Brexit, Trump came to power and other international events associated with the debate on globalization and anti-globalization, The Ambassador said, we all rely on globalization and open market benefits. However, it is also the same that in Sweden, people hold different views. At the same time, Sweden is open and accountable for immigration issues and hopes that other countries will be more accountable.

Finally, The Ambassador shared her experience of using a shared bike in China. She believes that the development of bicycles in China is surprising, compared to cars, choosing a bike trip can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She called for a low-carbon green concept, so that everyone can contribute to climate change.