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Global Environment Program(GEP) Student Adaptability Assessment Successfully Conducted

On April 10, 2017, the Global Environmental Program(GEP) team conducted the Student Adaptability Assessment in the conference room 205. 20 students were assessed, including 17 GEP students and 3 engineering class students who applied a transfer to GEP. Ye Wu, vice president of the School of Environment, project consultants Can Wang and Dongbei Yue, project director Xi Lu, project team members Qian Zhao and Hai Huang participated in this assessment.

The assessment was divided into 3 sessions, self-introduction, randomly selected questions and questions from the teachers. Students were asked about the global environmental hotspots, the understanding of the environment-related non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the description of the students and teachers, after 10 minutes of preparation time. According to the training goals, this assessment mainly examined students, understanding and awareness of GEP, expectations, current problems, bilingual expression, logical thinking skills and resilience, but also listen to the students’ opinions on the training model and course settings.

Students showed extraordinary quality as a global environment talent, concerned about the world and environment, having a good mental outlook. Most students were able to communicate smoothly in English, emphasized team working and implementation efficiency, proactively looking for solutions to environmental problems. They were able to objectively and comprehensively analyze problems after critical thinking training.

Through the assessment, the students have deepened their understanding in "compound, practical, international, elite and global environmental cooperation", which will help guide students to overcome obstacles in the future, to become outstanding global environmental talents holistically, guide students to more profoundly think about their future development direction.

"Global Environment Program" aims to meet the urgent needs of complex and international environmental management personnel. GEP tailored specialized training programs, matching all kinds of advantages of resources, cultivate expertise with both solid environmental knowledge, and also economic, legal, management, humanities and other interdisciplinary expertise, meanwhile with a global perspective and good communication skills.