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GEP Students Attended Yale-Tsinghua University Academic Exchanging Meeting at Yale Beijing Center

March 25th, more than 20 GEP students from School of Environment of Tsinghua University, ranging from freshmen to seniors, went to Yale Center in Beijing together with Dr. Huang Hai to attend an academic exchanging meeting organized by School of Forestry and Environment, Yale University.

Students from Yale University firstly made speeches and presentations on the challenges in Chinese energy and environment sustainable development. They topics were related to the reformation of Chinese energy structures, the environment-related goals in China’s 13rd FYP, the innovation about environment knowledge education, the calculating rules of the domestic carbon emissions and the brown field site problems in China and so on. GEP students got a better comprehension of the current China’s environment problem via the speeches made by students from Yale University and during the gap between speeches, GEP students raised questions actively and discussed ardently.

The organizer also successfully invited Dr. Li Junfeng who is the former director of National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation. He is a member of the National Energy Advisory Council; the Expert-committee of the National High-tech Program; the National Environmental Scientific Committee; and the Expert-committee of the National Energy Administration Energy Internet. He also serves as a consultant on low carbon development for Beijing, Shanghai, and the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government. And he is also honored as the Ninth Annual Zayed Future Energy Prize Lifetime Achievement Award Winner in 2017.

During the dialogue between Professor Xu and Dr. Li, Dr. Li evaluated and expressed his opinions on China’s current role in global environment negotiation and cooperation. He mentioned that the procedure would still be tough if we don’t keep the US in the existing system. Moreover, Dr. Li compared and illustrated the contents and the purports in the Paris Agreement and the Kyoto Protocol. He also gave some significant suggestions on China’s further development. Lasting just one hour though, the speech was quite inspiring to GEP students. Students defined China’s global position in the territory of global cooperation and strengthened their cognization of China’s present development situation.

Since 2014, Tsinghua University has affixed a cooperation protocol, “Environmental Double Master Degree Program”, with Yale University. This program is faced with global environmental problems and combined with the requirements of social economic development. Two universities integrated the respective advantages and superiorities to bring up global environmental assets. Up to now, Tsinghua University and Yale University have successfully brought up two groups of outstanding students.