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GEP Top Talk with editor-in-chief of Chemosphere-Professor Jacob de Boer

On April 5, 2017, Professor Jacob de Boer, Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology, head of the Dept. Environment & Health at the VU University, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and editor-in-chief of Chemosphere, visited School of Environment, Tsinghua University. He was invited to be the guest of GEP TOP Talk by students from the Global Environment Program (GEP).
At the beginning of this TOP TALK, Prof. Jacob introduced his research direction and content, concentrating persistent organic pollutants. GEP students raised several questions concerning the upsides and downsides of newly synthesized chemicals, and the effective chemical management etc., followed by Prof. Jacob’s patient and detailed answers. After introducing his research direction, Prof. Jacob provided valuable advice for GEP students with reference to his own experience, including: Value your teachers; Make use of opportunities; Don’t overestimate or underestimate your own judgment; Do what you promise; Publish; Work for the team. These suggestions were of great importance. Later on, GEP students asked Prof. Jacob about the choice of career and the publish ofpapers, areas students have profound interest in. As the editor-in-chief of Chemosphere, Prof. Jacob elaborated on the procedures of Chemosphereexaminingpapersandsome guidelines about submitting an article to an academic journal. GEP students have definitelygained a better understanding from this remarkable TOP TALK.
At the end, Professor Gang Yu made his comments on TOP TALK this time, and Prof. Jacob received a souvenir from Sicheng Huang, representing all students.