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Christmas Party for GEP and Overseas students was held

On December 22, 2016, GEP2015 held the fourth GEP Party of this semester. This GEP Party was organized by Gao Jia, Gao Zhihua, Liang Di Jun, Li Mingyu from GEP2015 and Ghida, a foreign student from School of Environment, whose theme was Christmas. In addition to the classic sessions of taking photos with Santa Claus (played by Gao Zhihua), decorating Christmas tree and wearing Christmas hats, there were many other highlights, such as using recycled boxes to create a "recyclable Christmas tree", which not only reflectedour major of environment, but also promote friendship among Chinese and foreign students through manual cooperation. During our games, the atmospherewas very harmonious. The classic "pass the parcel" game activated the atmosphere, letting students toknow each other, the easy "Christmas Song" game brought us holiday joy, and the last "Secret Santa " game broughtstudents a lot of surprise.

GEP Students and Overseas Students in the Christmas Party

This event invited a lot of foreign students to participate in, and it was the first time in this semester that foreign students in the organizers. This event not only provided a chance for students in GEP to train their communication skills in English, but also enabledthem to understand western culture better. Also, the participation of foreign students in the prepare process made our activities more attractive to foreign students. In the "pass the parcel" game, everyone was actively involved and truly became together with each other. Such atmosphere which was relaxed and happy, and under whichChinese and foreign students learned from each other and got along well with each other will continue to become a specialty of GEP Party.