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Global Environment Program Completed the Evaluation of GEP 2015

"Global Environment Program" completed the adaptability evaluation of GEP2015 on 20 May, 2016. Vice Dean Jiane Zuo, Chief Professor Gang Yu, Consulting Professor Can Wang, Program Director Dongbei Yue, Secretary Qian Zhao and counselors Hai Huang attended the interview.
According to the object of the program, the interview examined such abilities like the understanding and expectation of the program, the English communication skills, sense of adaptation under different circumstance, quick self learning ability and logical thinking.
Through the evaluation, the GEP 2015 Students recognized their shortcomings,enhanced the understanding of the program aim, they will encourage themselves to meet the requirement of complex global environment talents. 
Aim for the 'Global Environment Program' is to develop both a solid environmental professional knowledge, but also have economic, legal, management, humanities interdisciplinary expertise and an international vision, with good communication skills in complex international environment management personnel.