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GEP Students attended the Academic Event "China's Energy and Environmental Sustainability Challenge"

Thirty Tsinghua Global Environmental Program (GEP) students attended the academic event on the subject of China’s Energy and Environmental Sustainability Challenge on March 26th in Yale Beijing Center. The event was co-organized by Yale-NUS College,Yale University and Tinghua University. It focuses on the long-term sustainability of China’s resource consumption and growth, the need for innovative technology and policy against today’s background in international economy development and environment cooperation from both international and China’s aspect. Mr. Gao Li, vice director-general of NDRC climate change department was invited to deliver a lecture on environmental issues. Prof. Angel Hsu and Principal Carlin Rosengarten from Yale-NUS attended the academic exchange event.

GEP Students at Yale Beijing Center

There were 3 parts in the event. Firstly, Yale alumni delivered presentations including the development of China's carbon markets, green financing schemes for China's overseas investment,public-private partnerships and green Banks for SMEs . Students of GEP participated in the discussion and proposed their opinions from China’s perspectives. After that, Dr. Gao Li shared his idea on the environment development in China and made comments on related issues. In the end, students and experts from Tsinghua and Yale enjoyed dinner together.
From this event, GEP Students enhanced the understanding of global environment. Through the discussion with experts, the GEP students now know better of the world’s demand for environment talents and try to meet the requirement in the future.