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GEP FACETIME with advisory board members event was held

The first GEP FACETIME event was hosted by Program Supervisor Professor Yu Gang on December, 25th, 2015 at school of Environment. The aim for organizing this event was to form a communication platform where environmental professionals can share their experience with GEP students. This activity seems an extra effort for the GEP students so that they can enhance their communication and technical skills.          
Mr. ZHANG Shigang, Prof. ZHANG Zhongxiang, Mr. LIU Jian, Mr. WANG Hua and Mr. XIA Yingxian shared their professional career experience and efforts for achieving high position in the professional job. They further communicated with GEP students about the requirements needed for the ideal job and successful career. GEP students also asked from professionals about career planning, pursuing international opportunities and female career development tips. The event was ended when GEP students presented Christmas gift to distinguished guests.