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The 2nd GEP Advisory Board Meeting was Held

The 2nd Advisory Board Meeting of Global Environment Program (GEP) was hosted by Mr. Zhang Shigang as the Chairman of the advisory board on December 25th, 2015. Mr. Zhang Shigang is the general representative of the Beijing Office of United Nations Environment Program who was nominated as Chairman in 1st meeting of GEP held on May 23, 2015.
The Vice Dean Prof. Zuo Jiane, Program Supervisor Prof. Yu Gang, Program Director Dr. Yue Dongbei and Program Secretary Zhao Qian along with other advisory board members Prof. Zhang Zhongxiang, Mr. Wang Hua, Mr. Liu Jian and Mr. Xia Yingxian attended the meeting.
First of all, the Vice Dean Prof. Zuo Jiane expressed his gratitude to all members for attending this meeting and then presented the certificate to newly nominated member Mr. Liu Jian. Program Supervisor Prof. Yu Gang and Program Director Dr. Yue Dongbei briefly introduced progress and achievements of Global Environment Program. All members showed their satisfaction and gave some suggestions for the future development.
The Chairman Mr. Zhang Shigang confirmed that the goals of Global Environment Program have been achieved and emphasized for educating GEP students with variety of directions. He said this program should not be limited to technology and methodology but extra efforts are needed to solve global environmental issues with sensible cooperation. Prof. Zhang Zhongxiang pointed out the gap between human resources in the field of global environment. The program extent maybe enhanced to educate the public service staff with global vision. Mr. Liu Jian suggested that the GEP should be linked with postgraduate degree program. Mr. WANG Hua shared his opinion that organizing technical lectures of experienced professionals during the curricular activities would definitely be helpful for GEP students. Mr. Xia Yingxian emphasized to link local environment problems with global environmental issues to obtain better understanding which can help our students to find out best solution for global sustainability.
Finally, the Vice Dean Prof. Zuo Jiane expressed his appreciation and ensured to all advisory board members for incorporating and complying of these considerations.