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GEP Christmas cake Party

Christmas day is an annual festival celebrated by billions of people around the world. GEP students organized “DIY Christmas cake party” on December 24th, 2015 at School of Environment. GEP and International students participated in the event and organizer divided all students in to five groups. Activities started with introduction of theme of the activity “Do It Yourself (DIY)” and decorate Christmas cakes with different kinds of fruits and cream. All the groups were required to finish the decoration of their cake within 25 minutes. Group 1 made “Santa cake”, Group 2 “Jaw Breaker cake”, Group 3 “Fruits Lover cake”, Group 4 “Xmas-berry cake” and Group 5 “Simplicity is beauty cake”. All groups presented their cakes one by one by telling special story behind it. Eventually all cakes were shared to eat and Xmas-berry & Jaw Breaker cakes were very delicious. Participants also loved to eat Fruits Lover cake. This activity provided an opportunity to International candidates to share views regarding celebration of Christmas Eve in their own countries. The activity was also fruitful for GEP students to know about the culture and celebrations of Christmas Eve in various countries around the world. Moreover, Communication skills and English proficiency of GEP senior and junior students were observed improving because of frequent GEP parties.  
At the end of “DIY Christmas cake party”, all the international participants showed their gratitude to the organizer.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    GEP Students making cakes