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Top Talk: Interview with Mr. Chunlin Tang alumni who works for the United Nations Secretariat

On September 1st, The Top Talk with Mr. Chunlin Tang was held in Environment School.  Mr. Chunlin Tang, an alumni who works for the United Nations Secretariat, was invited to share his study and work experience with GEP students. Vice Dean Prof. Jiane Zuo, Party Secretary Prof. Jianguo Liu and the Directorr of GEP Dongbei Yue attended the event. It was hosted by GEP2013 student Fangyuan Zhao.
Mr.Tang first shared his experience as a student in both Tsinghua University and later in France, and then offered some suggestions on career planning for students planning to join international organizations with a detailed introduction about the United Nations. The United Nations has more than forty thousand employees within its core sectors, but only about 450 of them are Chinese, accounting for only about one percent of the total number, which does not match the position of China. This number indicates the severe lack of personnel in international environment affairs from China, which for our GEP students are both opportunity and challenge.
The students consulted a lot of questions on various topics, such as the training models in foreign universities, how to apply for the United Nations, the difference between working in international organizations and in companies, future career planning, etc.
Mr.Tang explained these questions in details and it is very impressed for the students.
Director Dongbei Yue expressed the appreciation to Mr.Tang for his arrival. He also exhorted the students to be prepared during their school years and to seize every opportunity in the future.
The Top Talk offered the opportunity for students to understand the demands of personnel in international affairs nowadays, and also made them think more profoundly about their future career.



Interview with Mr. Chunlin Tang