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Professor from Waseda University delivered a customized course “Introduction to International Environmental Law” to GEP students

 Professor NAKAMURA Tamio from Waseda University was invited to deliver a course of Introduction to International Environmental Law to Global Environment Program from 31st August to 4th September, 2015.
This is a five day intensive course on international environmental law. The course covers the following major themes: 1.History of international environmental law; 2. Source of international environment law; 3. Major Principles of environmental law; 4. Topic Studies (Current international law on Ocean and Marine resources, and Climate Change); 5. Law-making and enforcement processes; 6. Relationship between international environment law and trade law.
The exam was given in the form of writing a shorter academic paper on one of the themes indicated by the professor during the course. Grading is based on the class participation and the final paper.
This course made the GEP students understand the international environment problems and the knowledge of environment diplomatic field from the law perspective systematically. It also attracted some other students to participate.
The establishment of this course won wide applause from the participants. It is very helpful for the Global Environment Program students to learn the international laws.