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The GEP Student Contributed to the Work Published by the UNEP

Zhang Chen, a senior undergraduate student, worked as a three-month intern for theUnited Nations Environment Program Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. He is the first GEP (Global Environment Program) student who worked for UN. In the internship, he assisted project consultant Mr. Yu Keli to finish a UNEP publication called “Enforcement Handbook on Controlling Illegal Shipments chemicals and Waste”. This handbook has been officially published on April, 2015, and Chen is the second author.

This publication aims to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information on illegal trans-boundary movement of hazardous wastes and other selected wastes. In the brochure, information and guidelines to facilitate the process of monitoring shipments are provided in order to increase the working efficiency for customers, which serve as a reference for customer officers in their enforcement procedure.

This publication not only gathers all his efforts, but also encourages him to go further in working in Global Environment Issues and help solve environmental problems in a global scale.

Zhang Chen at UNEP