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Global Environment Program Completed the Evaluation of GEP 2014 and GEP 2013

School of environment on May 16 (reported by Qian Zhao),"Global Environment Program" completed the adaptability evaluation of GEP2014 and GEP 2013. Vice Dean Jiane Zuo, Chief Professor Gang Yu, Associate professor Ming Zhao, Supervisor Dongbei Yue, Assistant Qian Zhan and counselors Yang Hua as the evaluators attended the interview..  
The aim for the 'Global Environment Program' is the rapid development of China's economy and the increasingly active global environmental matters. The urgent need for complex, international environmental management personnel, specialized training programs tailored to match all kinds of advantages of resources, is aimed to develop both a solid environmental professional knowledge. But also have economic, legal, management, humanities interdisciplinary expertise and an international vision, with good communication skills in complex international environment management personnel.
Evaluation results showed that most of the students' future planning matched the international program training goal. Through the learning purpose, English language ability, communication skills and strain capacity evaluation, the students learned about his/her own shortcomings and deepened their understanding of the multi-disciplinary opportunities by using practical experience. Including a global vision of the most elite experts focused on Global Environmental Co-operation. The students will do their best effort to overcome shortcomings in the future study, building a solid base for being a qualified global environmental expert.


GEP Students are presenting in the Evaluation