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GEP Students hold an international lunch party with overseas students

Global Environment Program (GEP) held its first lunch party at School of Environment (SOE) on May 21st. Over 40 Chinese and foreign students participated in the party. Vice dean Zuo Jiane, GEP director Yu Gang and GEP assistant Zhao Qian attended this communication activity.

GEP students communicate with overseas students

GEP’s lunch party is held by a group of GEP students. This activity aims at providing GEP students with an opportunity to communicate with foreign students, from which students can improve their Oral English as well as obtain trans-culture communication skills.
The lunch party began with a self-introduction session, during which students from Britain, Scotland, Iran, Pakistan, France Korea and many other countries briefly introduced themselves and their culture backgrounds. After that, students went on chatting freely. Besides sharing food and drinks, students also exchanged their ideas on environmental problems and culture differences.
During the party, vice dean Zuo Jiane and GEP director Yu Gang each gave a short speech introducing SOE recent status on international cooperation, the Global Environment Program and the purpose of holding this event. Both professors encouraged GEP to keep this kind of activities and to get more students involved in it.

GEP Lunch Party Group Photo