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GEP 2012 to VIU Mobilization Meeting

On December 28, 2014, the GEP (Global environment program) held the mobilization meeting for class GEP2012 who will leave for studying in VIU in Venice, Italy.  Prof. Gang Yu who is in charge of the the GEP Program, Dean Assistant Ye Wu, Executive Director of the Basel Convention Regional Center for Asia and the Pacific Jinhui Li, Program Director Dongbei Yue, GEP Assistant Qian Zhao, GEP instructor Yang Hua and 10 students of GEP2012 participated in the mobilization meeting.

Dongbei Yue introduced the general situation of VIU and the issues of study and living that may be encountered in Italy, stressed the importance of discipline and security awareness to overseas students, appointed three committee members in charge of class work, study and security and set a weekly report system. Jinhui Li and Ye Wu introduced the etiquette problems need to be paid attention to in international communication to the students. Gang Yu asked the students to carry out a full range of exercise, encourage everyone to strengthen international exchanges, hoped the students are not afraid of making mistakes, growing in the setbacks and failures, and wished the students achieve satisfactory results.

GEP requires students to carry out a period of three months or more courses in the overseas, strengthen the relevant professional basis, at the same time, develop international vision. GEP2011 finished overseas study in VIU in the first half of 2014, the students gave high evaluation to the study and living in VIU, fully affirmed the fruitful harvest in VIU. GEP2012 is the second batch of international class from the environmental college, selection of 10 students from grade 2012 undergraduate students.


GEP 2012 to VIU Mobilization Meeting