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GEP Top Interview with Prof. Hoffmann

Professor Michael R. Hoffmann fromCalifornia Institute of Technology was invited to GEP’s top interview on 22nd November, 2014. This interview was organized by senior GEP students, and was directed by Yu Gang, professor of environmental chemistry.

The interview consists of four parts focusing on different topics, including professor’s recent studies, hot topics in China, methods of carrying out a research and differences in education system between US and China. Firstly, Prof. Hoffmann introduced to GEP students his research on self-cleaning  solartoiletsbasedon semiconductorelectrochemistry,especially the energy resource, the efficiency of energy, products and by-products and the application of this new technology. Then he shared his opinion of haze problem in Northern China with students, during which he mentioned that we have no other choices but to shift our energy structure to a cleaner one which relies less on coal and at the same time reduce emission of air pollutants. Furthermore, Professor Hoffmann also encouraged Chinese students to establish critical thinking in order to improve creativity, which from his perspective is one of the most important aspects a good scholar have.

At the end of the interview, Professor Yu Gang gave his comments on it.

Professor Michael R. Hoffmann is member of the National Academy of Engineering as well as a researcher of California Institute of Technology (Caltech). He is also the former dean of Graduate Studies of Caltech. His research is based on environmental chemistry, and has many great achievements in the fields of atmospheric photochemistry, environmental catalysis, son chemistry and advanced oxidation. One of his current researches is on self-cleaningsolartoilets. The total scientificcitations of his papers are over 19,800 and his H-index is 71.

Prof. Hoffmann with GEP Students