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Vice President Zuo Jiane Attended the Annual Meeting of VIU Academic Committee and Visited the Students of Global Environment Program

School of Environment, April 2 (reported by Zhao Qian)

On March 29, 2014, Zuo Jian’e, the vice president of School of Environment of Tsinghua University, attended the International Academic Committee Meeting of VIU. The meeting is aimed at facilitating the communication and cooperation between member universities of VIU alliance as well as enhancing comprehensive and multilevel international cooperation relating to education, training, scientific research, etc.

Zuo Jian’e introduced the two courses to be established in VIU by Tsinghua Professors in 2014 Autumn and and 2015 Spring which include water treatment, solid waste, meteorology planning and management,; he also discussed with the committee members about the curriculum setting matters as well as how to further accelerate the cooperation, mutual learning and joint progress between universities.

Zuo Jian’e was with the Global Environment Program students of Grade 2011

After the meeting, Zuo Jian’e visited students of Global Environment Program in VIU, learned about their studies and helped them with their difficulties. He fully acknowledged the students’ hardworking spirit and expected them to keep self-motivated as what all Tsinghua students have done, seize the opportunity of studying abroad and come back with fruitful results.

Edited by: Gao Xiaojuan