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The Global Environment Program Held Sharing Meeting on Practical Training of International Environmental Protection Cooperation

The Global Environment Program Held Sharing Meeting on Practical Training of International Environmental Protection Cooperation

School of Environment , Tsinghua University, September 25 (reported by Hua Yang)

On the evening of September 21, the Global Environment Program held a sharing meeting on practical training of international protection cooperation in No. 209 meeting room, attended by Professor Zuo Jian’e, the vice-president of School of Environment, Professor Wang Can, the class teacher of Global Environment Program, Associate Professor Yue Dongbei as well as 38 students.

The sharing meeting was focused on the internship experiences and the understandings of 9 junior year students, as they were sent to the representative office of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC) and World Resource Institute for 5 weeks of practical training in this summer.


The students participating in the practical training were giving presentation by group.

The 9 students were divided into 4 groups as per different internship units. The WWF interns stated that, they felt the enthusiasm and persistence of NGOs towards environmental protection and they had their personal capabilities improved during the internship, which further shaped their attitude of career planning. The NCSC interns told about the challenges they met during the internship, such as completing an emergency task at mid-night. Two students were sorting out their intern outcomes, in terms of the operation of international think tanks and their considerations on careers, they expressed that the environment specialty is a foundation and one can better serve society by further grasping professional knowledge. And as for another three WRI interns, in addition to sharing their gains and understandings, they also proposed their suggestions and advices on getting fully prepared for internship to obtain more comprehensive and systematic trainings.

The present teachers and students also conducted in-depth discussions on the development program, internship and practice as well as foreign communication for Global Environment Program.

As a final conclusion, Professor Zuo highly appreciated the fruitful outcomes of practical training and expected the Global Environment Program students to fully exploit their advantages in international environmental issues and make their voices heard globally.

 The “Global Environment Program” is established by School of Environment of Tsinghua University to develop inter-disciplinary and environmental management talents at international levels when facing high-speed development of social economy and the blossom of global environmental transactions; the School of Environment is intended to develop inter-disciplinary and environmental management talents with rich professional knowledge,  broad international vision and excellent communication skills; the Global Environment Program was established in 2012 and admitted 9-10 students from undergraduates of Grade 2011 and 2012 respectively and it enrolled 19 new students from entrance exams in 2013.

The practical training on international environmental protection cooperation is a characteristic course of the Global Environment Program. The students are sent to governmental departments and NGOs which are focusing on global environmental challenges, so they can better understand the international environmental challenges, enhance their practical abilities and better specify their career planning.

Edited by: Zhen Ai