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Director of BCRC- Egypt Visits BCRC China/SCRCAP

On 1-7 March 2015, Prof. Moustafa Hussein Kamel, the Director of Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for the Arab States in Egypt (BCRC Egypt) visited Basel Convention Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific/ Stockholm Convention Regional Centre for Capacity-building and the Transfer of Technology in Asia and the Pacific (BCRC China/SCRCAP). The purpose of the visit is to strengthen the synergy of conventions between regional centres and for possible signing Memorandum of Understanding for future cooperation between centres or universities in the field of environment.

During the 7-day visit, Prof. Moustafa Hussein Kamel and Prof. Jinhui Li, the Executive Director of BCRC China/SCRCAP, had several meetings to discuss and exchang ideas of possible future cooperation,and signed the Memorandum of Understanding for future cooperation between the two centres. BCRC China/SCRCAP also arranged the meetings for Prof. Moustafa Hussein Kamel to meet Ms. Jieqing Zhang, the division chief of Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Environmental Protection, and Prof. Jiane Zuo, the Vice Dean of School Environment, Tsinghua University, and Prof. Ye Wu, assistant rector of School Environment, Tsinghua University, which all benefits the mutual understanding on capacity building and resources mobilization. Besides the meetings, BCRC China/SCRCAP arranged field visits for Hussein Kamel to GEM (Tianjin) Urban Mining Recycling Industry Development Co., Ltd which is in the leading position of urban mine recycling, include e-waste, scrap cars, scrap non-ferrous metals, etc. and to Beijing Eco-island Science and Technology Co., LTD which is famous for hazardous waste disposal. And what’s more, he visited laboratories of School of Environment, Tsinhua University.

Prof. Moustafa Hussein Kamel spoke highly on the visit. The success of the visit plays an important role for the cooperation on regional waste management, training and information dissemination between BCRC China/SCRCAP and BCRC Egypt, and facilitates the exchange of knowledge and technology transfer between Cairo University and Tsinghua University.