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Trojan-Tsinghua UV Disinfection Program Launched

The signing ceremony of the Trojan-Tsinghua UV Disinfection Program was held in SOE on March 11. Around 20 people including Minister of Ontario Research and Innovation Mr. Reza Moridi, Vice President of Trojan Technologies Mr. Ted MAO, Director  of Tsinghua Overseas R&D Management Office Ms. MA Jun, SOE Dean HE Kebin, Director of Tsinghua Disinfection Research Center SOE Prof. LIU Wenjun, SOE Prof. XIE Yuefeng, Chief Engineer of Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Ms. QIE Yanqiu, and Mrs. LIU Linghua from the Department of Water Environment, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, were present at the ceremony.

This program was the second five-year cooperation between Trojan and SOE. In the first five-year cooperation starting from 2006, the two parties made significant progress in both research and engineering applications of UV disinfection technology in China. The first domestic large-scale municipal water UV disinfection engineering program, Tianjin TEDA Water UV Disinfection Engineering have been completed. As reported, two large water plants in Beijing treating the South-to-North transferred water will applied UV disinfection technology.

The two parties’ cooperation will continue to make contribution to China’s drinking water safety and improving drinking water quality.