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Secretary for Transport and Public Works of Macao SAR Visits THU

Six People from the Transport and Public Works of Macao Special Administration Region (SAR), led by their Secretary Lau Si lo visited THU on December 9. Mr. Deng Wei, Deputy Director of THU Council, Mr. He Kebin, Dean of SOE, Mr. Du Pengfei, Chairman of SOE Council, Mr. Zhang Xu, Deputy Chairman of SOE Council, and Mr. Liu Shuming, Director of the Foreign Affairs received the visiting group.

On behalf of THU, Mr. Deng Wei welcomed Mr. Lau’s visit and introduced the research development at THU, especially the research and international cooperation in the field of environmental science. THU adheres to the scientific research directions and carries out the research work based on the national major strategic needs and the frontiers of the science and technology in the world. Mr. Deng expected this visiting to promote further cooperation between Tsinghua and Macao SAR, and also make contributions to the development of Macao SAR through combining THU research strengths with the development features of Macao SAR.

Mr. Lau Si lo thanked THU for its long support for the development of Macao SAR, and introduced the development of Macao SAR. THU has already established a close environmental cooperation with Macao SAR. He hoped that the two sides could further deepen the cooperation in the future.

Later, representatives on behalf of SOE and Lau Si lo held discussions and reached an agreement on further enhancing the cooperation in environmental science and technology. Both sides expressed that the future exchanges and cooperation would be devoted to supporting Macao SAR to develop into a world tourism center and cultivating local environmental talents of Macao SAR.