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Global Environment International Class Exchanges Experiences in Conferences in Geneva

The Global Environment International Class (GEIC) held a meeting on June 6.

Student from the class, Lei Lei, Huang Hai, Lei Danjing and Kuang Qiying, shared their experiences at the ordinary and special meetings of the conferences at the parties to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions in Geneva from April 27 to May 4. The content of which they introduced included the preparation process, meeting contents, implementations of conventions and local culture.

Of all the professors who attended the meeting, there was Prof. Yu Gang, Dean of SOE, Prof. Zuo Jian’e, Vice Dean of SOE, Prof. Liu Jianguo, Deputy Secretary of the SOE Committee of CPC, Prof. Liu Shuming, Dean Assistant of SOE, and Prof. Li Jinhui, Executive Secretary of Basel Convention Coordinating Centre for Asia and the Pacific (BCCC China). Ms. Zhao Nana, Member of BCCC China, Prof. Yue Dongbei, the Leader of GEIC, and all the students of GEIS were also present.

GEIC was initiated in 2012. It was launched by SOE for the purpose of equipping international environmental management personnel with essential professional knowledge, a broad international outlook and excellent skills in communication.