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The 42nd Session: Green Energy and Artificial Photo-synthesis Catalyst for the Future

Prof. Michael R. HOFFMANN, Academician of American Academy of Engineering from the California Institute of Technology, gave an academic speech on “Green Energy and Artificial Photo-synthesis Catalyst for the Future” to around 50 faculty members and students on the 42nd Environmental Forum on March 27, 2013. Dean of SOE Prof. YU Gang,, presided over the forum.

Focusing on the multiple photocatalysis decomposition of carbon dioxide and water, Prof. HOFFMANN elaborated on the application of artificial photosynthetic systems to decomposing water to produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide. He also introduced the principle of photocatalytic decomposition of water, several kinds of relative semiconductor materials and his experiment on the photovoltaic panel catalytic reactor. In the end, he further analyzed the characteristics of several semiconductor materials in the process of photocatalysis and the application of one photocatalitic device in treating domestic wastewater. After the lecture, the audience  had  a warm discussion with Prof. HOFFMANN upon interesting issues about devices, materials, products of decomposition of carbon dioxide and the application to wastewater treatment.