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The 127th Tsinghua Global Vision Lectures Held at SOE

Prof. Michael R. HOFFMANN, Academician of the American Academy of Engineering from California Institute of Technology, delivered a lecture on The History of Air Pollution over the Last 125 Years: Lessons Learned and Solutions Implemented at the 127th Tsinghua Global Vision Lectures in SOE on March 20, 2013.

Dean of SOE Prof. YU Gang, presided over the lecture. More than 200 faculty members and students were present. During his report, Prof. HOFFMANN briefly described the different mechanisms of “the Great Smog of '52” in London and “the Los Angeles smog” in 1940s from perspective of environmental chemistry. He also introduced the collaboration among academic circles, governments, industries and public in controlling air pollution. By reviewing the famous air pollution events, Prof. HOFFMANN summarized the air pollution control experience in the U.S. and i provided some suggestions on the Chinese current air pollution issue.