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Water Pollutants Multi-index Fast Detector Project Kicked off

The kick-off meeting of Water Pollutants Multi-index Fast Detector Project was held in Tsinghua Univeristy on January 5, 2013. Sponsored by Anheng Environmental Technology Company and technically supported by Tsinghua, the project is a national major developing program.

Mr. WU Xueti, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Facilities and Financial Support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Prof. KANG Kejun, Tsinghua Vice President , attended this meeting. Prof. SHI Hanchang, technical leader of the project, delivered an introduction about the project.  Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) Academician. QU Jiuhui, Academician CHENG Jing, and representatives from other participating units attended the meeting and raised suggestions on practical issues of the project.

The water pollutants multi-index fast detector is designed as a novel piece of equipment based on the principle of total internal reflection, biological affinity reactions and quantitative fluorescence detection. It contains several modules that are able to simultaneously test toxic organic matters, heavy metals and biotoxins in a quick rate. The whole project will be divided into the three following steps: 1) the study of the multi-index core unit and relative functional materials; 2) The set-up of the fast detector and whole system; 3) The practical application and industrialized demonstration. This detector will be trial run in areas of water environment monitoring, drinking water safety monitoring, environmental emergency monitoring and food safety monitoring etc.

The project also formed a technical expert group, SOE Professor and CAE Academician QIAN Yi serves as the leader. . Prof. CHEN Jining, President of Tsinghua University, leads the general management group and Mr. YIN Shiyong, Director of Yangtze River Water Environment Monitoring Center, is in charge of the usercommittee.