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Joint Ph.D. Training Agreement Initiated by SOE and CRAES

Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences (CRAES) and SOE signed a jointed Ph.D. training agreement on November 23rd in SOE. President of CRAES Meng Wei and Executive Vice Dean of the Graduate School of Tsinghua University He Kebin, who signed the agreement, and SOE Dean Yu Gang, SOE professor and CAE Academician Hao Jiming made speeches on the ceremony.

The signing ceremony was hosted by the Vice Dean of SOE ZuoJian’e, and was attended by nearly 50 people, including Duan Ning, Director of the Clean Production Center of the Department of Environmental Protection of CRAES, Gao Celi, Vice Dean of the Graduate School of Tsinghua University, and Du Pengfei, Chairman of SOE Council.

After the signing ceremony, Academician Meng Wei gave a keynote speech to Ph.D. students of SOE on constructing water pollution control technology and management system.