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The 39th Environmental Forum: Strategy for Air Pollution/Climate Change Mitigation in East Asia

Hajime Akimoto, Director General of Asia Center for Air Pollution Research (ACAP) and Director of Frontier Research Center for Global Change (FRCGC), delivered a lecture on Co-Benefit, Co-Control Approach Strategy for Air Pollution/Climate Change Mitigation in East Asia at the 39th Environmental Forum held on December 12th. More than 20 faculty members and students attended the forum.

During his report, Dr. Hajime Akimoto briefly introduced his cooperation with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis(IIASA) and his research on the ozone layer in East Asia, including China, Cambodia and Laos. His research focused on the model and strategy for simultaneous reduction of Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide emission. For this reason, he emphasized in his lecture the global ozone layer depletion and the situation in East Asia as the most severe. At last, he described the future plan for building Asian Science Panel on Air Pollution (ASPAP). ASPAP was set as an experts group to study the emission policy and characteristics of regional emission pollutants, aiming to make an agreement on air pollution control strategies between academic experts and political decision-makers.