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The 34th Environmental Forum: Municipal Solid Waste Disposal in Germany

Professor Max Dohmann from RWTH Aachen University was invited to the Environmental Forum on October 12th. He gave a lecture on Municipal Solid Waste Disposal in Germany to over 80 faculty members and students in SOE.

In his lecture, Prof. Dohmann briefly reviewed the history of solid waste disposal in Germany and presented the development of landfill and incineration technologies. His introduction then focused on the experience of waste sorting and recycling in Germany.

Prof. Dohmann is the winner of the Cross of Merit (first class) granted by the president of the Federal Republic of Germany, former German director of the International Association on Water Quality, executive director of the International Water Association (IWA), consultant of Germany’s Federal Environmental Advisory Board, director of the council of the Research Institute of Water and Solid Waste of Aachen University of Technology, etc.. He was also appointed as the guest professor of Tsinghua University in 2007. He has achieved world-leading research and engineering results in areas of new technology for nitrogen and phosphors removal from wastewater, sewer system operation and management, municipal solid waste sorting and disposal, and membrane technology in water treatment.