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Tsinghua Ph. D.s Tell Work Experience as Overseas Professors

    The 2nd Enviro Net forum- “Tsinghua Ph. D.s tell work experience as overseas professors” was held in SIEEB on April 22 as one of the series activities for centenary celebration of Tsinghua University.

    Zhou Jianpeng (Grade 1981), Xie Yuefeng (Grade 1984), Hu Jiangyong (Grade 1986), Zhan Xinmin (Grade 1990), and Xu Ming (Grade 1999), were invited to share their experience from Tsinghua Ph.D.’s to overseas professors on the forum, which was presided over by Liu Jianguo, Deputy Secretary of SOE Committee of the CPC. Du Pengfei, Secretary of SOE Committee of the CPC, and over 50 faculty and student representatives attended the forum.

    The guests also answered questions from the students, such as the comparison of scientific research conditions at home and abroad; how to make the right move after graduation; how to balance between social work and scientific research etc..