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Academician Hao Jiming Shares His Academic Life Stories

    Academician Hao Jiming, a famousexpert in environmental engineering and an excellent teacher, shared his education, academic and life stories on April 21 in the Auditorium of SIEEB.

    Hao was born in a poor village. In 1965, he left home alone to Beijing for higher education with only ten yuan in him. Due to the ten years’ Cultural Revolution which started in 1966, his real college life only lasted for 8 months. But this experience cultivated his ideal to serve the country and humankind by knowledge. So he went abroad for Ph. D. study in the University of Cincinnati, and returned to Tsinghua as a teacher after graduation.

    Encouraged and supported by Tao Baokai, who is the mentor of Hao and also the founder of SOE, Hao took the responsibility to construct and develop the discipline of air pollution and control. Hao hoped the young generations of SOE to continue working hard, not only to solve the environmental problems in China, but also to cope with the global environmental problems and climate change with other countries together. On the centenary celebration of Tsinghua,

    Hao hoped the young people to be “ambitious, talented and useful” in order to serve the country.