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The 62nd Environmental Salon: An Ultimate Substitute of Fossil Fuel

    The 62nd Environment Academic Salon hosted by academic boards of SOE was held at SIEEB on June 20. It invited Prof. Zhang Yuanhui, Vice Dean of Department of Biological Engineering of UIUC, to give a lecture on “Environment-Enhancing Energy— an Ultimate Substitute of Fossil Fuel”.

    Vice Dean of SOE Prof. Zuo Jian’e, Prof. Huang Xia, Prof. Wang Kaijun and some students attended the lecture. Based on the concept of environmental value-added energy, Prof. Zhang introduced the beginning of the third generation of biofuel, HTL technology which could convert bio-wastes and microalgae into bio-oil, analysis of the characteristics of bio-oil and wastewater cultivating algae and also emphasized the feasibility and application foreground of the biofuel. Biofuels obtained from microalgae and bio-wastes could both realize waste treatment and energy production and hence form the environmental valueadded energy. The property of the biofuel is very similar to that of benchmark crude after detailed analysis and this technology is under improving.