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Project Directed by Liu Wenjun Wins International Awards

    The 6th International Ultraviolet Association Conference was held in Paris On May 23, and the Tianjin Taida Tap water UV disinfection project directed by Prof. Liu Wenjun of SOE, was granted “The Best Project Award in 2010”.

    Liu Wenjun, who is also the director of National Standardization Technical Committee of the UV, said that the project combined scientific research and design, applied novel UV technology to the practical project and achieved meaningful results only by local technicians.

    The project is the first large-scale municipal tap water UV disinfection project in China. It was designed in 2008 based on the research findings and project parameters obtained from the research group of Prof. Liu since 2003 and was finished and brought into operation in 2009. The group of Prof. Liu continued doing research on the project application for two years and summarized the characteristics of the UV application in drinking water, which promote the further application of UV technology.