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The 4th Annual Symposium on China’s Evolutionary Economics held

    The 4th Annual Symposium on China’s Evolutionary Economics, co-organized by CAFE, SOE, and Green Leap Research Center of Tsinghua University, was held from May 21 to 22 in SIEEB.

    Over 120 representatives of more than 30 research institutes attended the meeting. Their discussions focused on “Evolutionary and Creative Economics”, and “Evolutionary Economics and the Diversity of Market Economy”. Professor Shi Lei of SOE made a keynote speech on “The role of Evolutionary Economics in Industrial Ecology Transformation”. Professor Chen Ping of the Center for New Political Economy of Fudan University, Professor Zhang Lin of Yunnan University, and Dr. Liu Zhigao of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences were also invited to deliver speeches. Professor Zhang Xukun from the College of Economics of Zhejiang University commented on all the speeches in the meeting.

    The Symposium will be held in Shandong University next year.