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POPs Forum 2011: The 10 Years after Stockholm Convention

    “The POPs Forum 2011 & the 6th National Symposium on POPs” was held in Harbin of Heilongjiang Province on May, 17. This year’s forum was to commemorate the signing of Stockholm Convention in 2001.

    The forum was co-organized by SOE Research Center for POPs, Offi ce of the Stockholm Convention Implementation of Ministry of Environmental Protection of China, POPs Committee of the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES), and Environmental Chemistry Committee of Chinese Chemical Society. Over 300 representatives from research institutes, management departments, enterprises, and international organizations attended the forum.

    The forum, hosted by Yu Gang, Dean of SOE and also Director of the POPs committee of CSES, focused on the POPs pollution problems, analytical methods, fate and behavior, treatment technologies, environmental risks and etc. Professor Deng Shubo of SOE made a conclusion speech on the closing ceremony.

    A paper by Sui Qian, a graduate student of SOE, was awarded the “Outstanding Graduate Student Thesis of the Forum”.