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Professor Michael McElroy: Challenges of the Sustainable Future

    The 103rd “Tsinghua Global Vision Lectures” invited Professor Michael McElroy from Harvard University to give a lecture on “Climate, Energy and Environment: the Challenges of the Sustainable Future” at the Conference Hall of Main Building on April 26. Academician Qian Yi of SOE hosted the lecture.

    McElroy first introduced the global energy balance, vertical temperature distribution, and the influence of greenhouse effect on global temperature. He then went on to illustrate a few greenhouse gases that lead to greenhouse effect, their concentration variation in history, and the influence on global climate. He said the carbon dioxide emission of China and the United State, which are the two largest emission country in the world, is closely related to the fossil fuel consumption. New substitute energy is needed, and wind power is one of them.

    McElroy introduced the development of wind power in the two countries, and the huge potential for further exploration. He hoped that China and the United State have more cooperation on exploration and research of new energy for the future of sustainable development.