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SOE Holds Annual Conference of CPC

    SOE Committee of CPC held the annual conference of CPC in SIEEB on June 23. Du Pengfei, Secretary of the SOE Committee of CPC, presided over the meeting.

    About 400 formal and probationary party members attended this meeting; Wang Chuanli from School of Marxism was invited to deliver a speech on the address of General Secretary Hu Jintao at the ceremony of Tsinghua’s Centenary Celebration about the spirit of learning.

    Du announced the opening of the meeting and all members stood up to sing the national anthem. Liu Wenjun, Vice Secretary of the SOE Committee of CPC, reported on the attendance of the meeting. Scrutineer Leader Wang Hongtao then took charge of this election and representatives of SOE were successfully elected according to Election Procedure of the Representatives of the 13th Party Congress of Tsinghua University in SOE (Draft). In the end, Liu Jianguo, vice secretary of the Party committee of SOE, declared the list of outstanding branches, outstanding Party members, excellent Party building workers and Party affairs workers in celebrating the 90th anniversary of party founding.