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Members of SOE Watch Live TV Show of Tsinghua University’s Centenary Celebration

    Over 500 members of SOE, including alumni, faculty and students, watched the live TV show of Tsinghua University’s Centenary Celebration, which was held at 10 am April 24, in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

    The celebration began with the singing of national anthem, followed by a few speeches addressed by university Presidents or national leaders. Richard Charles Levin, the President of Yale University, speaking on behalf of foreign university representatives, complimented Tsinghua’s efforts to achieve excellence in education, and said, “Tsinghua’s contributions in science, engineering, environment, and sustainable design are known worldwide.”

    China’s President Hu Jintao extended congratulations in his speech, and called on the youth to be ambitious and diligent and to make unremitting efforts to build a brilliant future for the nation. "I hope that young students in China could strive to develop both their academic and moral excellence, their innovative minds and hands on experiences, and to combine their all-round development with their individual specialties." Hu said.

    Faculties, students and alumni of SOE were inspired by the speeches, and said they will work harder for the bright future of the nation.