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Alumni of SOE Reunion on the Centenary Celebration of Tsinghua University

    Reunion symposium for all grades alumni was held in SIEEB from April 23 to April 24 for the Centenary Celebration of Tsinghua University. Almost 900 alumni with different ages and from various places returned to the alma mater for a reunion.

    Old classmates chatted about their recent work and the old days when they shared tears and laughter together. Although they are now at different places and positions after graduation, their affection to teachers and classmates have been increasing with time. The alumnus Qiu Rongchu, who is the retired professor of Lanzhou Jiao Tong University, said “I have taken part in the celebration of Tsinghua University for three years. And the education in Tsinghua is critical for all my study, life and work. The lesson I benefit most is not knowledge, but rather the morals.”

    The symposium on April 24 also telecast the live TV show of Tsinghua University’s Centenary Celebration held in the Great Hall of the People, and learned the spirit of the speech of President Hu Jintao, who is the General-Secretary of the CPC and also a alumnus of Tsinghua University.