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Grade 1991 Alumni Donate Logo Sculpture for SOE

     The donation ceremony of the Logo Sculpture was held on April 24, at the south side of SIEEB where the sculpture is located. The sculpture was donated by the Grade 1991 Alumni of SOE on the Centenary Celebration of Tsinghua University.

     Dean of SOE Yu Gang, Secretary of SOE Committee of the CPC Du Pengfei, Vice Dean Duan Lei, who is also the 1991 Alumnus, Dean Assistant Liu Shuming, and over 20 representatives of Grade 1991 Alumni attended the ceremony, which is presided over by Du Pengfei.

    The logo sculpture, which is carved with the logo of SOE and the hollowed Chinese character of SOE, is made of cast iron, representing the idea of environmental protection. Yu Gang and a representative of Grade 1991 Alumni unveiled the logo sculpture together. Chen Beiping, on behalf of all the 1991 Alumni, expressed the wish to pay back the alma mater. Yu Gang extended thanks to the Grade 1991 Alumni, and hoped they would bring more opportunities for the better development of SOE.