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Grade 1986 Alumni Donate Themed Sculpture for SOE

    The donation ceremony of the Themed Sculpture was held on April 24, at the north side of SIEEB where the sculpture is located. The sculpture was donated by the Grade 1986 Alumni of SOE on the Centenary Celebration of Tsinghua University.

    Dean of SOE Yu Gang, Secretary of SOE Committee of the CPC Du Pengfei, Vice Dean Zuo Jian’e, who is also the 1986 Alumnus, Vice Dean Jiang Jianguo, Deputy-Secretary of SOE Committee of the CPC Liu Wenjun, Dean Assistant Liu Shuming, and over 20 representatives of Grade 1986 Alumni attended the ceremony, which is presided over by Du Pengfei.

    The sculpture, with the name “Yuan” (means “Origin”), is four meter in height and is shaped like the Earth as a whole, but looked like water, seagull, or dolphin from different sides of the sculpture. It is made by 4 centimeter thick interconnected pipe, representing the idea of harmonious and sustainable development. Yu Gang and Zhang Jun, representative of the Grade 1986 Alumni, jointly unveiled the sculpture. Another representative Hu Jiangyong, who is now a professor of the National University of Singapore, extended her gratitude to SOE and Tsinghua, and wished that SOE could be developed to World-class level. Yu Gang expressed his thanks to Grade 1986 Alumni, and said the model of the sculpture would be distributed as souvenir at the inaugural ceremony of SOE.