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Grade 1981 Alumni Donate Photo Wall for SOE

    The donation ceremony of Photo Wall was held in the hall of SOE on April 23. The donation was made by Grade 1981 Alumni on the Centenary Celebration of Tsinghua University.

    Dean of SOE Yu Gang, Secretary of SOE Committee of the CPC Du Pengfei, Academician Hao Jiming, who is the head teacher of Grade 1981, former Director of the Admissions Office of SOE Yu Yuxin, Vice Dean Jiang Jianguo and Duan Lei, Deputy-Secretary of SOE Committee of the CPC Liu Wenjun and Liu Jianguo, Dean Assistant Liu Shuming, and Representatives of Grade 1981 Alumni attended the ceremony, which is presided over by Du Pengfei.

    Yu Gang and Gao Zhengqi, the representative of Grade 1981, unveiled the Photo Wall. Another alumnus Zhang Jinsong delivered a speech and hoped that the spirit of SOE people could be passed down. Yu wished for a greater progress of SOE in his address, and hoped that the SOE people could make great contribution for the environmental conservation and improvement project for “blue sky and green water”.